09 March 2012

Nana is Turning 90

My Nana is turning 90 in April and we are throwing her a surprise birthday dinner. Now we are not going to scare her with a big yell of "SURPRISE", instead she thinks it is just her daughters and grandchildren are taking her out to dinner. We just want people to start showing up and she will be surprised that way. Well I made the invites! There are a few more things that I need to do, like menu cards, some pics of her when she was younger. This was taken I believe in the 1940's sometime, when she got married. Isn't she beautiful!!! I just love my Nana, super sweet.

08 March 2012


Getting back to drawing again. Sounds kind of crazy but it has been awhile since I picked up a pencil and drawn for fun, not just for work. I have some plans to do a comic with a friend of mine, so I need to brush up on life drawing and drawing and painting in general. So here you go.



You can print this out and hang this up! Enjoy...8 days late.

05 March 2012

Silly Rabbit

Just a super quick doodle of a bunny. Its kinda cheezy but wanted to put something up.