31 December 2012

Zombie Update

Still working, sharing the progress...

27 December 2012

Zombie Update

Up dating on the progress of this zombie poster I have been working on. Still have a ways to go. I will keep the updates coming. Any comments are welcomed.

20 December 2012


I LOVE ZOMBIES, so I decided to work on a poster about them and the horrific things they can do. This is just the beginning of what I have been working on. This plans to be my Christmas project to work on while I am off. I am not doing to much this holiday and will be home early from opening gifts. So I will work on this the rest of the time. I hope to be complete and post it on or after the holiday. I will be posting my progress, taking screen shots as I go. Feedback is welcome. Oh I plan to put one person (female) slaying them. A friend of mine says he is going to print it out for me on really fancy smancy paper. I better get going.

16 December 2012

Things I worked on in 2012

Here are some things I worked on this year. My sister got married right after hurricane Sandy. It was a beautiful wedding! I made the invites and all the graphic things like the program, name cards etc. Then I made a thank you card for some friends at work that got me some cuppy cakes for my 33rd birthday. Also started to do a pic for a halloween post of a "day of the dead girl", but never finished that. Also sketched out a website opening page, but that also I never finished. Oh the illustration of Rochelle's Bridal Shower, that went in the center piece of flowers for the Bridal Shower. Also made a close friends invite to a 60th Birthday dinner. The main things I worked on this year seemed to be all the wedding stuff. So 2013 will be about me!

Recreating a Poster

The top is the original one.
This is my version, directly above. There was a poster that I saw online and I really liked the style so I recreated it for a technique test and also to hang up for my personal use only. So let me know your thoughts. I haven't posted anything in quite sometime, but I have been doing work, but nothing that I can actually post. Christmas is on its way and I never made this years Christmas card. Since 2012 has been complete HELL for me I have opted out of making a card and spreading holiday cheer that I don't have. Recreating a poster about Whiskey, can give you an idea of what my year resorted to. I plan to hang it up as a reminder to never go back to that place. I am going on a rant here but what better way to rant about my horrible year with a poster about whiskey. My plans for 2013 are to make it the best year ever, with accomplishing goals that I set for myself and follow them thru. I will post my New Years resolution on New Years day to share with anyone who actually reads my blog. Until the next post...