02 January 2014


DAY 1-YOURSELF  of the 30 Day Drawing Challenge.

31 December 2013


 I am starting a 30 day drawing challenge. I plan on creating a new piece everyday. I found this online and here is a link 30 Day Drawing Challenge | Facebook. I am posting my day one  2 hours early but, don't think I will be able to stay up till midnight for the New Year, 2014. Come back everyday in the month of January to see a new piece of art. At the end of the week I will post what the topics for the following week are. I already see that this may be a lot to embark on, but I will do my best to give a new piece everyday. Oh you can follow me on Instagram @ivylewisart!

21 September 2013

Danielle Doll

At work for people's birthday's or baby showers etc I make a character of them. And this was for my co-worker when we had a lunch for her at work. 

15 September 2013


I haven't posted something or a while and I want to show what I am working on. A Pageant Queen walking across the stage. I have A LOT left to do. Need to put hands of course, and get the arms in a good spot. Also have to put the stage with curtains etc. Just want to share.

Still working on this pageant girl walking on the stage...

14 July 2013


Trying out a new style. I have finally put my illustrator files in photshop to add some texture, shadows, and highlights. Wanted to start off with some life affirmations. I am going to put these into some frames and hang them up in my apartment.

06 May 2013

Something New, Something Blue

I am testing out a new style. Did this on a whim on the computer. I am getting ready to do something big with my artwork, so I am trying some new things and I can not really post what I am doing as of yet. So stay tuned...

01 April 2013

New Art...In progress

Staring to work on "REAL" art work to build up my portfolio. This is inspired from the E.T. movie poster but I'm going to change it a bit. I did some brief sketches on the train ride home of where I want to take this picture. Not sure if I want to add a creature in front and take the trees out or make it into a scenic piece and maybe adding an illustrative element to it. This will be a project for myself to get done this week. I am pretty happy with it so far and excited to finish it.

27 March 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Wanted to post something fun. I make t-shirt graphics and prints for girls clothing for a living and wanted to make something REAL quick, like 10 minute quick.  Spring has sprung, not just yet, it's still pretty cold out here in the NJ/NY area. I can't wait, because my winter coat zipper fell off and now I have to wear my fall pea coat. Warm weather please come quickly!!!

25 March 2013

Oldies but Goodies

Wanted to put up some old art. Haven't been doing to any new stuff since I have been spending most of my time doing side work, which I can't post. So here are some old watercolors and sketches. It's something to hold you over for a bit until I finish that zombie poster and do some other things.

Save the Date

Some friends of mine are getting married and I did their Save the Dates, and I am also doing their invitations as my gift to them. They are an awesome couple! I have never been to Key West before so I am pretty stoked about going to the wedding. Plan on making it my vaca, its 3 days before my 34th birthday so it should be a wonderful time!!!

17 March 2013


I already had an illustration ready that I have posted before about eyeglasses and it's a pic of ME! I wear glasses all the time and make self portraits with them on. So why not put it up for illustration friday. Yeaaaa! Enjoy!

17 January 2013


Just testing something out. Went to the print source show today and saw some really great artwork. Wanted to try something out. Here is a little taste.

06 January 2013

Zombies Bite...Almost done!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! With the first post of 2013 six days in, hope the new year is treating you well. I don't have any resolutions made, but a dream jar, its sort of the same but different. I will explain what it is all about in my next post. For this post, its about ZOMBIES!!!! I am going to finish it tomorrow so I can submit it in the Illustration Friday for this week's topic of Edge. I think its fitting. So in order for folks to see this post, I need to put it in on Tuesday the latest. I am almost done with this, need another zombie in the top right corner and maybe add some textures and little details, maybe or maybe not. Monday night I am going to play with the colors and that background texture thingy. I will post the color options tomorrow along with the final zombie. If anyone has any comments, feel free, they are most welcomed. It will be nice to know someone is reading this blog, not just myself.

31 December 2012

Zombie Update

Still working, sharing the progress...

27 December 2012

Zombie Update

Up dating on the progress of this zombie poster I have been working on. Still have a ways to go. I will keep the updates coming. Any comments are welcomed.