27 March 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Wanted to post something fun. I make t-shirt graphics and prints for girls clothing for a living and wanted to make something REAL quick, like 10 minute quick.  Spring has sprung, not just yet, it's still pretty cold out here in the NJ/NY area. I can't wait, because my winter coat zipper fell off and now I have to wear my fall pea coat. Warm weather please come quickly!!!

25 March 2013

Oldies but Goodies

Wanted to put up some old art. Haven't been doing to any new stuff since I have been spending most of my time doing side work, which I can't post. So here are some old watercolors and sketches. It's something to hold you over for a bit until I finish that zombie poster and do some other things.

Save the Date

Some friends of mine are getting married and I did their Save the Dates, and I am also doing their invitations as my gift to them. They are an awesome couple! I have never been to Key West before so I am pretty stoked about going to the wedding. Plan on making it my vaca, its 3 days before my 34th birthday so it should be a wonderful time!!!

17 March 2013


I already had an illustration ready that I have posted before about eyeglasses and it's a pic of ME! I wear glasses all the time and make self portraits with them on. So why not put it up for illustration friday. Yeaaaa! Enjoy!