31 December 2012

Zombie Update

Still working, sharing the progress...

27 December 2012

Zombie Update

Up dating on the progress of this zombie poster I have been working on. Still have a ways to go. I will keep the updates coming. Any comments are welcomed.

20 December 2012


I LOVE ZOMBIES, so I decided to work on a poster about them and the horrific things they can do. This is just the beginning of what I have been working on. This plans to be my Christmas project to work on while I am off. I am not doing to much this holiday and will be home early from opening gifts. So I will work on this the rest of the time. I hope to be complete and post it on or after the holiday. I will be posting my progress, taking screen shots as I go. Feedback is welcome. Oh I plan to put one person (female) slaying them. A friend of mine says he is going to print it out for me on really fancy smancy paper. I better get going.

16 December 2012

Things I worked on in 2012

Here are some things I worked on this year. My sister got married right after hurricane Sandy. It was a beautiful wedding! I made the invites and all the graphic things like the program, name cards etc. Then I made a thank you card for some friends at work that got me some cuppy cakes for my 33rd birthday. Also started to do a pic for a halloween post of a "day of the dead girl", but never finished that. Also sketched out a website opening page, but that also I never finished. Oh the illustration of Rochelle's Bridal Shower, that went in the center piece of flowers for the Bridal Shower. Also made a close friends invite to a 60th Birthday dinner. The main things I worked on this year seemed to be all the wedding stuff. So 2013 will be about me!

Recreating a Poster

The top is the original one.
This is my version, directly above. There was a poster that I saw online and I really liked the style so I recreated it for a technique test and also to hang up for my personal use only. So let me know your thoughts. I haven't posted anything in quite sometime, but I have been doing work, but nothing that I can actually post. Christmas is on its way and I never made this years Christmas card. Since 2012 has been complete HELL for me I have opted out of making a card and spreading holiday cheer that I don't have. Recreating a poster about Whiskey, can give you an idea of what my year resorted to. I plan to hang it up as a reminder to never go back to that place. I am going on a rant here but what better way to rant about my horrible year with a poster about whiskey. My plans for 2013 are to make it the best year ever, with accomplishing goals that I set for myself and follow them thru. I will post my New Years resolution on New Years day to share with anyone who actually reads my blog. Until the next post...

08 August 2012

Sketching in Photoshop

I was just testing doing sketching and painting in photoshop. I am a slave to illustrator and want to expand my geek skills in another program that I am not totally comfortable in. Here is the very first thing I have done.

01 August 2012

Moving Along...

I have been moving along on my web page opening. Wanted to share, my process as I am working. (Yes another picture of myself) I would like to finish this by the weekend.

31 July 2012

IT'S ME!!!! (again)

Aren't you just sick of seeing me? I hope your not saying to yourself, "All this blog seems to be about, this girl drawing herself." Well as of right now, it is. I promise you it won't be for much longer. I just want to update this blog on a regular basis. Ok, tomorrow, I will post something different, I promise!

30 July 2012

Another Version...

So, as I was looking over the piece I did for the opening page for my website, I realized I didn't like it. My hair isn't that fluffy, nor do I wear a fro like that and my lips aren't that big. I did another sketch and put some pics of myself next to it so you can compare. I am at my 2 work areas, my 9-6 and my 6-1. I seem to live my life in front of a computer more than the average person. I also realized that my blog is filled with pictures of myself. It seems like I am an extremely vain person, but for right now I seem to be drawing myself. I am not that vain, or am I...(we can get back to that) I see my face all the time, and I know what it looks like with out looking in a mirror. So here I am, again...Sorry folks, I need to draw someone or something else soon. This blog is getting a little boring. I will jazz it up soon. I need to finish all the graphic things for my sister's wedding. After that, it is on and popping with artwork. Oh the wedding is in November, and hopefully I should be done with everything by September, I hope.

Business Cards

I am getting things together for my side gig. So I made business cards, in between doing my sister's wedding invitations. I need to get them printed, so that may take some time. I need to pay for my website domain name and figure out how to link it to my carbonmade page. I still need to pay for that site to upload more than 35 images. Its a slow process, but I am coming along slowly. I am hoping by the end of the year to get everything set up. I will divulge that information soon.

22 July 2012

Getting Ready for the Website

I am in the process of making a website and this is the opening page for it. I am making this on carbonmade and should post the finish piece sometime this week. I like staying up late and making art, I feel a little more productive when the sun goes down. Its like being a vampire. The picture of myself is going to broken up into sections with titles for graphics, prints, sketches, illustrations, and invitations. This isn't complete yet but somewhat halfway through. I need to put more details, patterns, and text to make it POP. After I do that, I need to get work together and post it. Still a long way to go, but I am making some progress. Keep a look out and I will post the link to the site.

06 May 2012

MAY Calendar

Here is the month of May! Print out and hang up for your wall or workspace.

Save the Date

My sister is getting MARRIED!!! Yea!!! I am the maid of honor and I am doing all the graphics for the wedding. The save the dates are magnets and are about a little larger than 4 x3. They have to go out within a week and here are different versions I did. They all look sort of similar, with slight differences. One was chosen, and I have to finish tweeking it. Wanted to share some of what I have been working on. I have been really busy with all kinds of work. I seem to be working on more graphic projects than actual drawing. So for now, enjoy the graphics.

09 March 2012

Nana is Turning 90

My Nana is turning 90 in April and we are throwing her a surprise birthday dinner. Now we are not going to scare her with a big yell of "SURPRISE", instead she thinks it is just her daughters and grandchildren are taking her out to dinner. We just want people to start showing up and she will be surprised that way. Well I made the invites! There are a few more things that I need to do, like menu cards, some pics of her when she was younger. This was taken I believe in the 1940's sometime, when she got married. Isn't she beautiful!!! I just love my Nana, super sweet.

08 March 2012


Getting back to drawing again. Sounds kind of crazy but it has been awhile since I picked up a pencil and drawn for fun, not just for work. I have some plans to do a comic with a friend of mine, so I need to brush up on life drawing and drawing and painting in general. So here you go.



You can print this out and hang this up! Enjoy...8 days late.

05 March 2012

Silly Rabbit

Just a super quick doodle of a bunny. Its kinda cheezy but wanted to put something up.

20 February 2012

Gift Wrapping

Hey wanted to share with everyone on what I do when I wrap gifts. I know these are from Christmas, but you can use this for any occasion. This is how I did it:
I used an asian newspaper and craft paper. Made stamps out of potato's. Carved them out and rolled out paint and pressed them on the papers and let them dry. I had some yarn that I wasn't using and made pom pom "bows". Lastly I placed beer bottle caps and wine corks on top and hot glued them on the paper.

That's it!

26 January 2012

I Have Moved!

I have been busy for quite awhile. I have moved to a new town only 2 and half miles away from the one I use to live. I am getting settled in now and setting up a really sweet work area. I plan on doing lots of work there so I need to make it nice and comfortable. I am decorating so I will post some pics of it when I am all set up. Until then, this is the card that I am giving to friends and family to let them know I have moved. The back has a map with a star to where I live. This is me when I was in 2nd grade! Wasn't I cute!