06 January 2013

Zombies Bite...Almost done!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! With the first post of 2013 six days in, hope the new year is treating you well. I don't have any resolutions made, but a dream jar, its sort of the same but different. I will explain what it is all about in my next post. For this post, its about ZOMBIES!!!! I am going to finish it tomorrow so I can submit it in the Illustration Friday for this week's topic of Edge. I think its fitting. So in order for folks to see this post, I need to put it in on Tuesday the latest. I am almost done with this, need another zombie in the top right corner and maybe add some textures and little details, maybe or maybe not. Monday night I am going to play with the colors and that background texture thingy. I will post the color options tomorrow along with the final zombie. If anyone has any comments, feel free, they are most welcomed. It will be nice to know someone is reading this blog, not just myself.

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