30 July 2012

Another Version...

So, as I was looking over the piece I did for the opening page for my website, I realized I didn't like it. My hair isn't that fluffy, nor do I wear a fro like that and my lips aren't that big. I did another sketch and put some pics of myself next to it so you can compare. I am at my 2 work areas, my 9-6 and my 6-1. I seem to live my life in front of a computer more than the average person. I also realized that my blog is filled with pictures of myself. It seems like I am an extremely vain person, but for right now I seem to be drawing myself. I am not that vain, or am I...(we can get back to that) I see my face all the time, and I know what it looks like with out looking in a mirror. So here I am, again...Sorry folks, I need to draw someone or something else soon. This blog is getting a little boring. I will jazz it up soon. I need to finish all the graphic things for my sister's wedding. After that, it is on and popping with artwork. Oh the wedding is in November, and hopefully I should be done with everything by September, I hope.

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