16 December 2012

Recreating a Poster

The top is the original one.
This is my version, directly above. There was a poster that I saw online and I really liked the style so I recreated it for a technique test and also to hang up for my personal use only. So let me know your thoughts. I haven't posted anything in quite sometime, but I have been doing work, but nothing that I can actually post. Christmas is on its way and I never made this years Christmas card. Since 2012 has been complete HELL for me I have opted out of making a card and spreading holiday cheer that I don't have. Recreating a poster about Whiskey, can give you an idea of what my year resorted to. I plan to hang it up as a reminder to never go back to that place. I am going on a rant here but what better way to rant about my horrible year with a poster about whiskey. My plans for 2013 are to make it the best year ever, with accomplishing goals that I set for myself and follow them thru. I will post my New Years resolution on New Years day to share with anyone who actually reads my blog. Until the next post...

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