20 December 2012


I LOVE ZOMBIES, so I decided to work on a poster about them and the horrific things they can do. This is just the beginning of what I have been working on. This plans to be my Christmas project to work on while I am off. I am not doing to much this holiday and will be home early from opening gifts. So I will work on this the rest of the time. I hope to be complete and post it on or after the holiday. I will be posting my progress, taking screen shots as I go. Feedback is welcome. Oh I plan to put one person (female) slaying them. A friend of mine says he is going to print it out for me on really fancy smancy paper. I better get going.


Anonymous said...

No wonder u used to bring ur sketch pad to church-I never knew u was a artist -nice work ivy

Ivy said...

Thanks! Who left the message?

Anonymous said...